Danger of death when opening the device,as lie parts and connections are expo- sed.The device must be fully disconnected from the mains before opening it .


Danger of fire and explosion ifair heaters are installed and used incorrectly, espe- cially in the vicinity of flammable materials and explosive gases.


Danger-can cause burns! Do not touch the heating element tube and nozzle while they are hot.Allow the device to cool. Do not direct hot-air jet towards people or animals.

The REFINE PH air heaters are suitable for building into machines,installations or appliances and are designed for continuous operation.

●Drying and heating processes of various types

● Shrinking and welding packaging ilms and moulded parts

● Heating conveyor ovens or heat tunnels

● Activating and loosening solvent free adhesives and melt adhesives

●Sterilizing packaging materials such as bottles, corks and containers

●Separating and fusing synthethic fibres and fabrics

●Soldering processes on thin metal parts ·Speeding up mixing processes

and dissolving foams which can arise during mixing and fiing operations

● Welding thermoplastic materials

●Removing plastic mould flash

● Putting a shine on plastic surfaces

The nominal voltage indicated on the device must correspond to the mains voltage. 100 IEC/EN 61000-3-11;Zm= 0.065Ω+j0.040Ω.If necessary,consult electicity 480 Ssuppyutit.

Devices of protection classI must be earthed with a protective earth conductor.

The device must not be left unattended when in use.

Heat can reach combustible materials which are out of sight.The device may only be used by trained personnel or under their supervision.Children may not use the device under any circumstances. Keep away from wet and damp areas

Keep away from wet and damps ares